witte pioenroos

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Gesneden wortel van witte pioen roos. Natuurlijk gedroogd en 100% puur, zonder toegevoegde stoffen.

Peony is an important herb in TCM for the treatment of dysmenorrhea and muscle cramping. Paeoniflorin has exhibited smooth muscle relaxant ability in in vitro models (rat stomach and uterus) and it has demonstrated in vivo activity, analgesic, and spasmolytic activity. Paeoniflorin also demonstrated inhibition of twitch responses in skeletal muscles, an effect that was potentiated in vitro and in vivo by the addition of glycyrrhizin from licorice.160 Additionally, clinical trials have demonstrated positive results in the treatment of dysmenorrhea owing to “qi and blood stasis” (with licorice root), a reduction serum and free testosterone in women with PCOS (with licorice), and an improvement in clinical symptoms and reduction in size of fibroids in an open study of 100 women (with P. suffructicosa, Poria cocos, Cinnamomum cassia, and Prunus persica).160,184 Several clinical trials have been conducted with the TCM herbal medicine shakuyaku-kanzo-to for the treatment of dysmenorrhea. The formula consists and an equal amount each of peony and licorice. It appears that this blend may exert its action against dysmenorrhea through preventing prostaglandin production.172 This suggests that this herb and traditional herbal combinations may play a role not only in symptom reduction with primary dysmenorrhea but in treating the underlying causes associated with secondary dysmenorrhea. Peony may be used in decoction or tincture in traditional TCM formulae, or in combination with other herbs in Western botanical formulae.

De ingenomen hoeveelheid van het kruid beïnvloedt de werking van het kruid. Bovenstaande informatie bevat geen medische adviezen en kan onvolledig zijn, raadpleeg je dokter in geval van twijfel. For body and soul is niet aansprakelijk voor de resultaten van gemaakte keuzes op basis van bovenstaande informatie.