Herloop Menstruatie ondergoed hoge taille Montana

€ 28,99

Montana are the must-have high-waisted period panties! Designed to be as soft as a second skin, they offer some pure cocooning and are suitable for all flows from light to abundant.

Some of Montana's highlights:

  • Perfect for all flows (from light to abundant);
  • A cut thought for a maximum of comfort at the waist, especially for the swollen bellies during menstruation;
  • A set of soft materials on the thighs;
  • A high waist ideal for the morphologies in 8.

The Montana panties are the perfect model to start with period panties. Why? Because their absorption capacity ensures zero leakage from light to heavy flow. And when you're not sure about your flow, it's important to feel safe!

High waist | All types of flows | REACH Certified

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