Herloop Menstruatie shorty Ohio

€ 26,99

Ohio is a covering and comfortable menstrual shorty which is perfect to start your adventure with period panties.

The Ohio period shorty adapts to all morphologies and is suitable for both light and heavy flows. It is therefore ideal for those with no prior experience with period panties.

With its soft cotton and modal mat material, you feel like you're on cloud nine while being perfectly protected. And like all Loop menstrual panties, the Ohio shorty is made without products that are harmful to your intimacy.

Some of Ohio's highlights:

  • Can be worn day or night (thanks to its absorbent part which goes up sufficiently at the back);
  • No marks under clothing;
  • A highly absorbent part, equivalent to 3 tampons;
  • A sober model which adapts to all the morphologies of XS to 3XL.

Adapts to all morphologies | All types of flows | REACH Certified

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